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Do you want your cycling jerseys and other sports clothing to last? Then follow the washing instructions. Usually the washing instructions can be found on the clothing itself. If you use those, you will enjoy wearing your apparel for a long time.

Can't find it? Here you will find the most important washing instructions and some handy tips:


  • Washing temperature maximum 30 degrees

It indicates the maximum washing temperature in Celsius - for our cycling clothes the maximum is 30 degrees (also saves on energy costs)

  • Do not bleach

Do not bleach - that sounds logical, but detergents for white or very dirty laundry also often contain bleaching agents, so do not use them

  • Do not iron

Sportswear often contains synthetic materials such as polyester, which cannot and should not be ironed

  • Do not tumble dry

Do not put your cycling clothes in a tumble dryer- for the same reason as no ironing


  • Always wash your cycling clothes inside out - this way you keep the colours vibrant

  • Always keep the zips of your cycling jacket and cycling jersey closed - this way you avoid damaging the other laundry or damaging the zip itself

  • Hang your trousers upside down to dry

  • Do not spin your clothing at too high a speed - maximum 800 rpm

  • Do not dry your clothes in direct sunlight or on a radiator

  • Do not use fabric softener for your cycling laundry

  • Do not use too much detergent - too much detergent does not make your wash cleaner but creates too much foam which gets into the seams of your clothes

  • If your cycling clothing has become very dirty after your ride, always rinse them first - this prevents the laundry from remaining dirty and the sand from damaging your washing machine

  • Really dirty clothing can also first be put in a bucket of cold water with a little soaking agent such as Biotex

  • Sweaty cycling clothing and cycling socks can best be rinsed or taken into the shower after a ride, don't wring them out but let them drip and then wash them (if still necessary)

If you have any more useful tips - please let us know. We will be happy to share them with our website visitors.

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