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The Venice Aero cycling Jersey has been designed to cater to the needs of cyclists who seek the next competitive edge. This aerodynamically fitting jersey is crafted using a combination of premium fabrics sourced from Italy. Whether you aspire to enhance your speed or overall performance, this jersey encompasses all the essential features. The Venice Aero is meticulously crafted with lightweight technical fabrics, proven by the peloton, ensuring optimal performance throughout your ride. Employing AG-nano technology, it effectively manages moisture by swiftly wicking away sweat from your skin and regulates temperature for an ideal riding experience. Additionally, the jersey undergoes an antibacterial treatment to maintain its freshness throughout the season. For added convenience, a full-length zipper allows ventilation during long climbs. At the lower rear of the jersey, you'll find three vertical drop pockets, one of which features internal radio routing. Furthermore, there is a small, secure zipped pocket located on the sides, equipped with reflective tape for visibility. Designed for riders who prioritize performance in their gear, the Venice Aero cycling jersey offers unrivaled performance, allowing you to focus solely on your ride.​

Available Sizes: XS – XXXL
SKU: 740708

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Interlock + Intershita + Tavalaro

1. Interlock - 100% Polyester & 120 g/m² (Light)
2. Interhista - 100% Polyester (Light)
3. Tavalaro - 100% Polyester (Light)




Clean the garment following each use.

Thoroughly rinse off any mud and dirt from the garment.

Ensure that all zippers are securely closed.

Take out all pins and objects from the pockets.

Invert the garment or utilize a washing bag designed for garments.

Select detergents that are devoid of fragrances and softeners.

Wash the garment using cold water.

Choose the gentle cycle for washing.

Allow the garment to dry by hanging it up.

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