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TENERIFE is a product line of short-sleeve jerseys designed for cyclists who want to ride in style and comfort. The jerseys are made of technical fabrics that are windproof, water repellant, and breathable, ensuring optimal performance in any weather condition. The jerseys feature a covered dividable camlock zip, a silicon elastic at the waist, ornamental flat cover stitches, visible elastic at sleeve ends, mesh inserts on armholes, and a low French style collar. The collar has flat cover seams that give the jerseys a sleek and ‘racing’ look. The jerseys also have three open rear pockets and a zippered reflecting side pocket with a slot for cable passage, making them convenient and safe for storing your essentials. TENERIFE jerseys are available only with full covered zipper and in the indicated fabrics.

Available Sizes: XS – 3L
SKU: 740711

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Cold Black + Reozon E63893 + JL 221 B + Kite

1. Cold Black - 100% Polyester & 100 g/m² (Light)
2. Reozon E63893 - 82% Polyester, 18% Elasthane - 200 g/m² (Medium Light)
3. JL 221 B - 100% Polyester & 99 g/m² (Mesh)
4. Kite - 94% Polyester, 6% Elasthane & 80 g/m² (Mesh)





Clean the garment following each use.

Thoroughly rinse off any mud and dirt from the garment.

Ensure that all zippers are securely closed.

Take out all pins and objects from the pockets.

Invert the garment or utilize a washing bag designed for garments.

Select detergents that are devoid of fragrances and softeners.

Wash the garment using cold water.

Choose the gentle cycle for washing.

Allow the garment to dry by hanging it up.

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