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Heini's Merino base layer is an indispensable asset in challenging weather conditions, adeptly maintaining your body temperature, ensuring you stay cool in sweltering heat and cozy in colder climates. Made from 100% extra fine Merino wool, it delivers an extraordinary blend of plushness, ease, and quick drying capabilities. Its natural attributes enable exceptional thermoregulation, rendering it perfect for any level of activity, be it low or high-intensity.

Available Sizes: XS – XXXL
SKU: 740766M




Clean the garment following each use.

Thoroughly rinse off any mud and dirt from the garment.

Ensure that all zippers are securely closed.

Take out all pins and objects from the pockets.

Invert the garment or utilize a washing bag designed for garments.

Select detergents that are devoid of fragrances and softeners.

Wash the garment using cold water.

Choose the gentle cycle for washing.

Allow the garment to dry by hanging it up.

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