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Try Before You Buy Our Custom Designs Risk-Free!


HEINI aims to guarantee that customers can personally experience the product, examine the design on the final garment, and make well-informed decisions when finalizing their orders.


Eligibility Check

  • The customer fills out the form below  to check their eligibility for the promotion.

  • The form collects necessary information such as name, contact details, and the name of the club/team.

  • Upon submission, we will contact the customer if they are eligible.


Designing and product confirmation

  • After receiving confirmation, they can explore the website to choose the product suitable for their team or club.

  • Upon product confirmation, we initiate the design draft process, continuing until the customer approves it.



  • The customer pays the initial cost of the selected product. This payment serves as a deposit to cover the trial period and shipping expenses.

  • The customer is informed that this payment will be refunded or partially deducted from the total cost of the actual team/club order if they proceed after the trial period.


Trial Period and Feedback

  • During the trial period, the customer provides feedback on the product, including any design preferences or modifications they would like to make for their bulk order.

  • After the trial period ends and based on the customer's feedback, the customer decides to proceed with placing a team/club order for the product with the same/new design specifications.


Order completion and Refund

  • Once the bulk order is confirmed and processed, the initial payment made by the customer for the trial product is refunded in full or partially deducted from the total cost of the bulk order.

Check with us if you're eligible

Thanks for enquiring! We will contact you shortly.

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