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The Spider Cycling bib-shorts, positioned in our middle-tier range, excel in delivering exceptional comfort at an affordable price. Their form-fitting panel construction, combined with a multi-density Italian chamois, ensures a comfortable fit and eliminates any potential chafing.

Designed to prioritize both comfort and performance, these shorts guarantee a pleasant riding experience, no matter the duration of your journey. The soft mesh bib-straps are gentle on the skin and promote maximum breathability, allowing for optimal ventilation during your ride.

Available Sizes: XS – XXXL
SKU: 740566

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LUCKY MARATHON is a bi-density thermoformed pad designed for both road and MTB rides. It features padding distributed in both the ischial (sit bone) and perineal areas, ensuring optimal comfort during long rides. The pad incorporates a central channel that reduces pressure on male genitals. Combining the benefits of multi-directional channels with a surface featuring gradual transition areas, LUCKY MARATHON guarantees a perfect fit and increased stability in the saddle. The Soft-Touch fabric, treated with antibacterial properties, facilitates sweat collection and expulsion due to its multi-directional channel structure. Additionally, the high-density insert at the back ensures a ride time of more than 6 hours


Performer 120 + Shield 112

1. Performer - 80% Polyamide, 20% Lycra & 210 g/m² (Medium)
2. Shield - 100% Polyester & 90 g/m²





Clean the garment following each use.

Thoroughly rinse off any mud and dirt from the garment.

Ensure that all zippers are securely closed.

Take out all pins and objects from the pockets.

Invert the garment or utilize a washing bag designed for garments.

Select detergents that are devoid of fragrances and softeners.

Wash the garment using cold water.

Choose the gentle cycle for washing.

Allow the garment to dry by hanging it up.

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