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Heini's Arm Warmers are created to safeguard you against intense sunlight, these UV arm sleeves are your shield to avoid overheating and sunburn as temperatures and sunshine levels rise. They are designed to maintain breathability, ensuring you stay comfortable even in warm conditions. Featuring UPF 50+ protection, the arm sleeves are versatile, providing excellent performance in both hot and cooler weather. Whether you're tackling hot exposed climbs or cool descents in mountainous terrain, they offer ideal protection. Plus, their compact size allows for easy storage in your pocket, making them convenient to use anytime.




Clean the garment following each use.

Thoroughly rinse off any mud and dirt from the garment.

Ensure that all zippers are securely closed.

Take out all pins and objects from the pockets.

Invert the garment or utilize a washing bag designed for garments.

Select detergents that are devoid of fragrances and softeners.

Wash the garment using cold water.

Choose the gentle cycle for washing.

Allow the garment to dry by hanging it up.

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